The Biggest Success Stories and Flops in The World of Fast Food


The Biggest Success Stories and Flops in The World of Fast Food

When it comes to staying on top of the fast food industry food innovation is one of the most important elements. We regularly see our favourite fast food brands competing for our attention by introducing new and increasingly more exciting menu options either as limited editions or as new regulars on their menus. For example, Little Caesars’ have just launched the pretzel crust pizza in all outlets. Only time will tell if this will prove to be a hit with diners or if it will be a flop like so many other innovative menu options offered by fast food chains.

With that in mid we have put together a list of some of the biggest successes and some of the catastrophic failures that have graced fast food menus in recent years.

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza = Hit!

In 1995, Pizza Hut introduced the first stuffed crust pizza and raked in over $300 million in a single year on the back of the innovative new menu option. The stuffed crust has been such a resounding success that 20 years on it is still a key part of the pizza hut menu. Not only has it been emulated by every other pizza joint and frozen grocery store pizzas alike, but it has spawned its own line of variants with the standard cheese stuffed crust being supplemented with everything from barbecue sauce to hotdogs in many territories. Nothing has ever managed to come close and the humble stuffed crust looks set to remain one of the biggest fast food innovations of our time for the foreseeable future!

Pizza Hut Priazzo = Miss!

Nobody gets it right every time and Pizza Hut is no exception to that rule! Way before the stuffed crust came on the scene Pizza Hut experimented with the Priazzo. If you do not remember this particular food item then you are not likely to be alone! In the 1980′s the Priazzo was introduced as Pizza hut’s answer to a deep dish pizza. However, customers were unimpressed and it was soon ditched from the menu.

McDonald’s McGriddles = Hit!

McGriddles were first launched by McDonald’s in 2003 and they very quickly became a popular item on the fast food chain’s breakfast menu despite people mostly being unsure of exactly what it was they were eating. McGriddles are 2 warm griddle cakes (pancake type buns) with a maple flavor. The standard version contains bacon, egg and cheese but there are many variations available including sausage, scrapple and even chicken depending on the area you are in. This may be the most calorie laden sandwich ever dreamed up by McDonald’s but it still wildly popular!

McDonald’s Pizza = Miss!

Let’s get one thing straight – most fast food chains have a specialty. For KFC it is chicken, for Taco Bell it is the Taco. It’s okay to stick to that one thing that you are really great at and yet fast food chains are always stepping out of their comfort zone. For McDonald’s their foray into new foods was the launch of the McDonald’s Pizza in the early 1990′s. However, it soon became clear that people did not want to wait for their pizza when they could be chowing down on a burger in seconds! The McDonald’s Pizza was so short lived that many people do not even know that it was ever a thing!

Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco = Hit!

There are some things that we look at or hear about in the fast food world that make us stop and think, no – that is not right, or is it? One of those was the introduction of the Doritos Locos Taco at Taco Bell in 2012. It seemed really weird, but at the same time it sounded delicious. Lucky for Taco Bell the gamble paid off and the taco wrapped in a Doritos flavor shell was a huge hit. Some flavors fare better than others, but Taco Bell try to change things up by offering different Doritos flavors every so often.

KFC Double Down = Draw!

When KFC created the Double Down it went down a storm. It was essentially a sandwich that replaced the bread or bun with two pieces of fried chicken! The sandwich clocked up more than 10 million units in the first month that it went on sale. However, it was met with a huge amount of criticism as well. The Double Down contained around 540 calories and this caused many complaints warning against eating the sandwich due to health concerns. That didn’t stop the fans from eating this cheese and bacon offering wrapped up in fried chicken and even now that it is off the menu many people will ask for it to be made specially for them!

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